Spring Water Outline

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Quench is an AquaVenture Holdings business. For more information, please visit www.quenchonline.com . About AquaVenture Holdings: AquaVenture Holdings (NYSE: WAAS ) is a multinational provider of Water-as-a-Service, or WAAS, solutions that provide our customers with a reliable and cost-effective source of clean drinking and process water. AquaVenture Holdings is composed of two operating platforms: Quench, a U.S. based provider of filtered water systems and related products; and Seven Seas Water, a multinational provider of desalination and wastewater treatment solutions, providing seven billion gallons of potable, high purity, industrial grade, and ultra-pure water per year to governmental, municipal, industrial, and hospitality customers. For more information, please visit www.aquaventure.com . About Avendra: Formed in 2001, Avendra is North America's leading procurement services provider serving the hospitality industry. Avendra customers gain access to contracts leveraging over $4 billion of annual purchases, expert advisory services and in-depth purchasing data and analysis. Through Avendra, customers obtain substantial savings on their purchases and other value added services to improve their operations and bottom line results. More than 8,000 hospitality businesses rely on Avendra's procurement solutions to help meet their strategic business initiatives.

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